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dELIAs joins the likes of Abercrombie in exploiting its female customers
September 3, 2006, 2:05 pm
Filed under: Activism, Feminism, Gender

Boyfriend and I were at the mall yesterday during the Ernesto-sponsored rainstorm—a bad decision on many fronts—when a nauseating discovery was made at Delia’s:


He actually pointed it out to me, saying something along the lines of, “What the fuck?” Folks might remember all the buzz last year when a group of girls, otherwise known as Girls as Grantmakers, proposed a girlcott of a slew of Abercrombie & Fitch’s t-shirts. With slogans such as, “Who needs brains when you have these?” strategically printed over the shirt’s front, A&F was joining a long line of product-placers who have caught flack for valuing profit over gender equality. (My personal fave is the “Math is Hard” Barbie.)

Delia’s, which this author remembers more as a must-have catalog from high school days than a store in the mall, has long been cashing in on “alternative” fashion trends and dispatching the lace-up combat boots/fishnet tights/plaid mini-skirts to every dare-to-be-different girl in the country. Unfortunately, this ongoing vintage-logo trend in t-shirts has them stooping as low as their friends over at A&F. The “I’m tight like spandex!” tees are blantantly advertising the wearer’s virginity, sexualizing her innocence as creepily as a kiddie-porn producer. It’s nasty, nasty. Once again, girls are being told that their bodies are the most valuable thing they have to offer. And that’s not tight, I mean, err, cool. Yeah, that doesn’t work there either.

Anyway, here’s an idea: write to or call Delia’s, tell them how unfashionable sexism is, and let’s raise a fuss…

dELIAs, Inc. Executive Offices
435 Hudson St.
New York, NY 10014
Phone: (212) 807-9060

UPDATE: Carolyn brought to my attention that we could leave a comment on the website. Go! go!


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When I saw that t-shirt I was genuinely shocked that Delia’s were the ones behind it. I associate it with… not shirts like that. And that shirt is appalling. Really. I just.

Comment by Courtney

Courtney–yeah, I was surprised too intially but then, upon further thought, not at all. dELIA’s has made a fortune out of co-opting “alternative” lifestyles and then selling them back to kids at full price. Much like the folks at American Apparel–there’s a good article in Clamor this month about this such thing, it’s been in the blogs as well.

I guess it doesn’t make much sense to be shocked that dELIA’s would produce such an item. Just proof that their marketing tricks worked wonderfully, and allowing us to think of them as a cool company, one that would never stoop so low as it has.

Comment by whitney

Even easier than snail mail, you can go to their web page and leave a complaint:

You’re limited to 200 characters, but how many does it really take to say, “NASTY!”

Comment by Carolyn Bahm

In all honesty, who would wear that? wtf – in actuality i take it back – i’m sure that some would – but surely they have parents

Comment by Natalie Rae

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Comment by Antibush

tights just a slangy way of saying cool.

Comment by blahblah

Are you dumb….tight is slang…it means “cool like spandex”

my god.

Comment by Chelsea

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Comment by sandrar

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Comment by Pimental

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