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July 31, 2006, 2:20 pm
Filed under: Feminism, Gender, Online Community

Totally found a Sunset Island fanpage! It was last updated in 1999–amazing, a relic of Internet Past. It completely reminds me of the websites I first browsed, most of them fansites by teenage girls devoted to either filmstars, TV shows, book series, or themselves. There is a page for each other main characters with descriptions that look like they were pulled directly from the cover jacket and/or marketing literature. There’s also a frickin’ newsletter and guestbook that is still being signed. Amazing, amazing. Oh, and the “Books” link takes you to a page with a brief synopsis of every book in the series.

Cherie, by the way, looks a little crazy. God bless her though, she responded to my crazy fan letter by hand. What more could a 12 year old girl have asked for?


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… those covers are AMAZING. Heh. Oh wow. Rocking out next to the guitarist!

Comment by Courtney

yeah, the covers were out of control.

Comment by kitchentables

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