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July 22, 2006, 10:54 pm
Filed under: Feminism, Online Community

At Brynn’s apartment. She talks on the phone with her mother while I do some internet/self maintenance. Today we ate horrible Indian food and got wet in the rain, laughed hysterically when I kept slipping on the sidewalks.

I decided to keep start this blog–an attempt at a more public, focused log–in part because of my weekend here in Albany. I came down to attend the NOW Conference and in general escape from what has become a crazy life in Buffalo. The weekend has been both inspiring and infuriating and I hope to touch on those words in a more explicit manner soon.

One of the workshops I attended was about blogging, specifically how feminists fit into the blogosphere. Jessica Valenti, Amanda Marcotte, and Lindsay Beyerstein were panelists and I think they did a great job combining presentation with discussion and audience participation. Still, I generally wished for a more casual conversation at all the conference workshops this weekend.

I said to Brynn last night that it has been neat, over the past couple years or so, to be able to have a conversations about the various online communities of which I’m a part in real life. Meaning not just with online friends. Compared to when I first began engaging in list-servs (oh!), livejournal, and other various venues of self-promotion, the opportunities to explore and examine the corresponding culture have increased enormously. I definitely plan on getting into this in more detail in the coming weeks–I’ll probably repost something related from February.

Anyway, here’s yet another one of those phenomenons known only to the long-time user of blogging softwares: the obligatory “I’m starting over here”/”I moved my writing” post.


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Congrats on starting the blog; I hope our panel helped a bit! I agree about wanting the conference panels and workshops to be a bit more informal. When I saw that we had to be sitting up on that podium I was a little weirded out…it would have been nice just to have a roundtable of sorts. In any case, good luck with the blogging–keep at it!

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